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VAC & GMHC Membership 

Since our formation in 1983, our members have been considered an integral strength of the organisation. Working together, our members ensure that we remain on track to achieve our original mandate, ‘Until the epidemic is over’, and represent the community at all levels of the Victorian response to HIV. In addition, VAC has recently amended its Constitution to formally acknowledge that its purpose is also to support and serve the broader LGBTIQ communities to improve health and well-being. Our work in this space includes: 

  • The development of a long term Women's Health Strategy;
  • Intimate partner and family violence;
  • Mental health and counselling support;
  • Alcohol and other Drugs;
  • General Practice for the trans and gender diverse community;
  • Peer Support and Education programs

You can be a part of this response — to support the advocacy, campaigns, support services, fundraising, volunteering, publicity, research, and clinical work that we do.

As a member, you can:

  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting and influence constitutional change in the organisation
  • Vote to elect our Board of Directors
  • Stand for election as a Board Member, or nominate or endorse candidates for election

As a member, we keep you up to date with the latest news, give you advanced notice of upcoming events, send you a copy of the Annual Report, and you get to feel good about supporting a worthwhile cause.

All members are entitled to inspect records relating to the process and outcome of Board elections. If you would like to inspect the records please contact us at membership@vac.org.au or call (03) 9865 6700.

We offer three membership levels to all members of the public:

  • Ordinary membership ($33/year) — Available to anybody who wishes to be a member 
  • Concession membership ($16.50/year) — Available to anybody who wishes to be a member and holds a valid concession card
  • Free membership — Available to anybody who wishes to be a member and is living with HIV
  • Free membership - 2018 LGBTIQ Women's Health Conference registrants

Be part of the response - 
Become a member today by clicking here to apply online!

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